18 January 2012

The top 5 pictures of my new old gun.  My great grandpa John Williams won it from a punchboard.

02 October 2011

Optimism can start a trend right?

Top 5 things I will blog Top 5s about:

5. General Conference
4. Africa
3. Nursing
2. My hobbies (I may have hit on this one before, but some things have changed)
1. Media and media forms

It's been a goodly amount of time since my last post; I think it has been almost a year.  The time has come for new beginnings.  Seeing as how I will be having a new beginning pretty soon what with this being my last semester of college and all.  I know, I know, you say to yourself, 'but you're so old...25!'  I should have been out of college in April and working already.  What I have to say is just that I started school late, took plenty of classes that weren't required (but enjoyable) and didn't get accepted into the nursing program the first time around.  Big deal...I am just waiting for the job market to improve. :)
But, in the last year I have been pretty darn productive even if I haven't written.  I have been to Peru, Kenya, and Tanzania this last summer, in December I started rock climbing and I have since acquired a small arsenal of gear, I have begun canyoneering a bit (again, lots of gear has been procuring plenty of stuff), and this summer has been good for reading...although I have been doing plenty of it well into this fall semester.  If you'd like to see my awesome list of books you can go to my goodreads page and snoop around.

I'm about to go to bed because I have to be chipper and alert for the final two sessions of General Conference.  It's the bomb, you should watch. :) Buenas Noches!

13 November 2010

My blog is pictureless...that doesn't mean it's boring.

Top 5 things about the MTC:

5. It's so dang close to my apartment
4. Mixing in funny things about yourself in the scenario you're given
3. The missionaries are awesome
2. The chance to really speak Spanish again
1. Feeling the Spirit

I guess I didn't say that this is based solely on the opportunity to give service to the missionaries.  I went last night to volunteer at the Teaching Appointment or TA or Teaching Resource Center or TRC, whatever it is these days.  It was very fun and amazingly enough, the two Elders that taught me are going to PARAGUAY!  (Not my mission but the next best thing.)

I would have liked to have gone when my friend Katrina's missionaries were there but as luck would have it I am at work at that time.  Maybe next semester when I don't have the same schedule...then again, she might as well.  Whatever, it was a gay old time.

Top 5 video games:

5. Super Mario Bros. Wii
4. Halo ODST or Reach
3. Call of Duty: World at War - Nazi Zombies
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
1. The N-Game

In reality I don't play all that much but I was a little bored sitting in my front room and gaming popped into my head.   We don't have a Wii, but Adam Murphy did.  I think I only played SMBW once but it was a lot of fun.  If I had to rank these in hours of gameplay I think that Warfare 2 is on top but it could be Halo.  Either way I'm not that into them when others aren't playing.  I only have a PS2 so when I move out of my apt. I doubt I'll play much of anything (hopefully).

One more top 5 before I go...
Top 5 things I've done in the past 2 weeks
(This will be tough, because I really like a lot of the things I did.  I will also be treading on thin ice because several people mentioned here may read this...just know that I did not [necessarily{wow, I need a lot of disclaimers}] rank them as to how much I like the people, but by my love of the activity and how much fun that particular instance was for me.)

5. Went to the MTC to volunteer
4. Watched Gattaca with Gabby, Chely, Richard, and Alex
3. Went to Divine Comedy with Jeanette
2. Playing Mando, Fiddle, Guitar, banjo with my friends Katrina, Garrett, Alex, Steve, and many more
1. Rock climbing at the Quarry with Annie and Sophia

Interesting, the most fun was had while with friends.  Also interesting is that I have been playing more music lately and I got a call yesterday from Katie Dellenbach's manager.  He informed me of a gig in Price that Katie would like me to play so I will be practicing on Wednesday after clinical and performing Friday after work (I will actually have to leave work early to get there in time.  I am supposed to be there at 4:30, I normally get off on Fridays at 5 and it's a 2-hour drive away.  I think it'll be a great show; Jordan Rose is on the drums, Alex Vincent on the mandolin, me on the fiddle and maybe the banjo (I have to recover that instrument from Simon), and someone I do not know on the bass.  Plus, the pay will almost cover my gas money (I am going to try to carpool).

20 August 2010

wow, that was...well, not so deep

Top 5 things about top 5's:
5. They remind me of a great movie I like.  It's kind of a catchy idea.
4. They make it less pressure on me to write blogs.
3. They make it easier (and hopefully more enjoyable for you to read).
2. Not all top 5's are easy to fill...I need to get introspective and come to know myself better...or make up crap.
1. Some top 5's are easy to fill...and then some...again, I get introspective and hope I come away with a better idea of myself.

It's funny because numero uno is exactly what I have been thinking about a lot lately.  I want to know what really interests me.  I'll throw down my top 5 on this...just for kicks and giggles.

Top 5 interests:
5. Nursing
4. Music (making of, not listening to)
2. Biking
1. Languages

That list was interesting.  I am a nursing major and I thought first of putting Nursing as number 1 but thought about when Alia and I were talking about life and whatnot.  Of course she noticed me getting more excited about the tongues than the tongue depressors.  Nursing got pushed out of the way by most everything as far as sincere interests goes.  But I also thought of making a couple of things 'hobbies' instead of interests.  Anyway, I'm not all that sure about any of it...does that make me indecisive or what?

04 August 2010

Top 5 things about the book: Miles from Nowhere
4.New Zealand
3. They travel around the world and pick up languages easily
1. It is about biking
1. I'm reading it with Alia

That isn't a typo...it's a tie.

03 August 2010

Meet me: The Yogi

Top 5 things about Yoga:
5. I can do it wherever I want...at least some form of yoga (breathing, meditating, learning, stretching, etc.)
4. It is something that I can work at for life.
3. It will help me become more healthy in body (which needs a lot of help), mind, and spirit (as it fits very well into an LDS philosophy).
2. There is a lot of help (books, youtube, yogatoday.com, etc.).
1. It is fun and challenging.

Top 5 things about being employed:
5. Money
4. Keeps your mind occupied...well, not my job, because I do laundry all day which is just repetition of the same thing over and over and over...
3. Gives you time to think. :)
2. Allows you to have income and thus create a budget.  What a good idea.
1. Helps you to structure your time and causes you to need to use the time that you have wisely.

I have been getting ready to go for a long bike ride.  a couple hundred miles.  But I need to remember to ask my boss for the time off.  I need two days or more.  It will be a bike ride from here in Provo to Zion's Nat'l Park.  There I will meet up with Joseph, Alia, and any or all of the following: Mallorie, Zach, Lauren, Liz, BreeAnne, and whoever else we feel like inviting.  In order to prepare I have been riding an hour solid and will continue to do so at least 3 times during each week and hopefully a 2 hour ride on Saturdays.  I don't feel like I will be in good enough shape but I know I can push myself through just about anything and in the end if I don't make it I will just have one of the people drive highway 89 and pick me up on the way down.  That is why I am only taking 2 days off work.  I will take off after work on Wednesday and ride until I can't see anymore...hopefully I will be able to camp on the side of the road somewhere.  I will wake up early on Thursday and ride as long as I can see.  Friday I hope to get to the Park sometime just after noon.  I don't know when the others will get there but if they get there around noon we can all do a hike, do another on Saturday and go home that night or Sunday morning...depending on how much it costs to camp and how everybody feels.  I'm excited.

29 June 2010


Top 5 things about being back in Provo:

5. I'm sleeping on a bed...although, the mattress in Mesa, AZ was divine...thanks Chris!
4. Cool roommates/friends/acquaintances/strangers...though I am debating whether this one makes the top 5 because there were some AWESOME people in San Diego and Mesa that I hope I get to see sometime in the near future.
3. Hopefully finding a job soon.
2. Getting to ride my bike!
1. You knew this one was coming...Being with Alia.

It was great...I pulled into town around 8:30am on Sunday and when I went to S109 Alia was practically bouncing off the walls.  :)

Top 5 things from the drive (not the one between San Diego and Mesa, but Mesa and Provo):
5. Listening to and screaming the lyrics of Good Charlotte with Mallorie.
4. Rising up and dropping down thousands of feet many times within a few dozen miles.
3. Missing the heat of the AZ desert because we took off at 8:30p (AZ time) and got home at 8:30a (UT time).
2. Driving for miles and miles under a full moon through the desert with the lights off (that's hypothetical...as if anyone would ever do that).
1. Stopping on the bridge over the east end of the Grand Canyon; throwing rocks into the air and waiting the 7 seconds for them to hit the water; the gunshot noise they made as the sound echoed up the canyon wall.

That was a great end to a great trip.  And I am so glad we took the "long way home."  Chris is the bomb, so is his roommate, so is Mallorie, so are Michael, Canada, and their families.  I love you all.